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Copper Roofing

Copper Roofing in MD & VA

Nothing says Old World elegance like copper roofing. It's ability to patina with age gives it a unique, classy look found only on the very best homes. As a part of the specialty roofing services that we provide at S&K, we offer a wide range of copper roofing in MD and VA. These copper products include decorative dormers and skylights, copper vents, copper conductor heads, copper spires, copper finials, copper steeples, and copper cornice and copper gutters.

Copper roofing is decorative and durable, and over time ages with a classic patina finish that evokes a sense of intelligent and historic beauty. It is perfect over bay or bow windows, as an accent roof over a porch, patio or addition, or as a cupola or steeple style top.

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Copper Roofing Products

Copper Roofing Panels  
Copper Roofing Panels

Copper roofing panels are available in traditional double-lock standing seam, flat seam and ornamental diamond panels. Clips and accessories are also available for each roof panel. Copper roofing panels are available in standard copper, lead coated copper, pre-patina copper, and zinc.

Copper Roofing Dormers  
Copper Dormers & Skylights

Copper dormers are self contained units that require no additional framing and are ready to set in place. Copper louver dormers allow effective ventilation of attic areas while adding a distinctive architectural touch to fine residences and commercial projects. CopperCraft window dormers can be used as skylights.

Copper Roofing Cupolas  
Copper Cupolas

Copper cupolas add prestige to commercial buildings such as churches and schools, and even the right type of home. Copper cupolas are hand crafted units and are available in all materials.

Copper Roofing Cornice  
Copper Cornice

Architectural sheet metal copper cornice systems provide the natural beauty of copper, lead-coated copper or zinc that will remain for years to come. Copper cornice in lifetime materials are not low maintenance but no maintenance!

Copper Roofing Steeples  
Copper Steeples

Copper steeples are typically used on churches, universities and other commercial buildings. Copper steeples are hand crafted and available in a wide variety of materials. Copper steeples are available in standard sizes but custom sizes are available as well.

Copper Gutters  
Copper Gutters

S&K offers a wide selection of gutter systems including copper gutters. The fabrication technique allows us to provide virtually any size and profile. For more information on gutter systems including copper gutters, click here.


Our copper roofing professionals are experienced and knowledgeable, and our client care staff can provide expert advice on the best ways to go about repairing or replacing the copper roof on your home in MD or VA.

Contact S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows today for more copper roofing information, or to schedule a roofing, siding, windows, deck, gutters or repair estimate. Call 866-836-7663, or click here.

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