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Cover Up! How Gutter Debris Can Cause Serious Damage

Out of sight, out of mind. One of the many things that phrase can be applied to is clogged gutters.

Clogged GuttersUnless you have an upstairs room that looks down on a lower level roof, you probably have never looked into your gutters. Most homes in Maryland, Virginia, and the surrounding areas are built with standard, open rain gutters. The purpose of gutters is to catch falling rain and run-off from your roof and direct it away from your home. Without gutters, rain water would pool around your foundation, or even travel back behind your roof overhang and leak into windows. Gutters are an important level of protection for you home. 

Regardless of whether or not you have trees near your home, over time debris can build up inside your gutters. If your home is close to trees, you are sure to have clogs at some point in time. When gutters become clogged with leaves, sticks, roof granules and other items, overflow can occur. When it does, water can seep behind your roof’s overhand and find its way to the smallest of cracks around windows and doors. Over time, this can cause wood rot and mold, compromising your home.

If your home has standard, open gutters, your best bet to keep your home safe and dry is to have your gutters inspect yearly for signs of clogs. If clogs are apparent, removing the debris is necessary. Sound like a hassle? There is another solution…covered gutters.

One product on the market that has shown excellent results is the Bulldog Gutter Guard – an aluminum gutter insert designed to handle the heaviest of rains, and keep leaves and debris from clogging your gutters. Some of the benefits of Bulldog Gutter Guards are that it fits into either new or existing gutters, it cannot be seen from the ground, and it does not interfere with your roof shingles. It is also made from 98% recycled aluminum, and is available in 5-, 6-, and 7-inch sizes. For more information on Bulldog Gutter Guards, visit

To find out how covered gutters can protect your home, and for a free, no obligation gutter estimate, contact S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows at 1-(866) 836-7663.

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Winter is a Great Time for Exterior Home Improvements

Winter Gutter ReplacementTypically most homeowners don’t pay much attention to the exterior of their homes during the winter months, unless of course there is an issue. However winter can be one of the best times to have a professional do exterior improvements such as roofing, windows, siding and gutters. While very low temperatures and inclement weather can sideline an exterior project, contractors make it their business to take advantage of any and every winter day that crews can stay busy.

During an exterior home improvement contractors’ slow winter season – in Maryland and Virginia from December through March – you are likely to get your best home improvement deal. When contractors slow down, suppliers do as well, so pricing on both building supplies and contractor labor may be discounted.

So when can’t a contractor do exterior improvements? Contractors like S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows work hard to keep crews busy all year long. Our customers need to be taken care of – particularly when issues such as leaks arise – crews need to remain employed, and we need to continue running as usual. That means that the only time we aren’t out servicing our customers is when safety is an issue. Heavy rain, ice, sleet and snow can prohibit jobs from being installed, however generally it will only sideline a project for a few days.

If you are considering an exterior home improvement, contact us today for a free estimate. Get your best pricing, and have your home looking great in time for Spring. Visit our home improvement specials page for information on current special offers, or call us at 1-(866) 836-7663.

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The Many Dangers of Clogged Gutters

Gutter Cleaning The purpose of gutters is to collect water and direct it away from a house and its foundation. Gutters cannot perform their intended service if they become clogged. Instead, water will be rerouted to an area of lesser resistance. If this happens, your house is at risk for many problems both inside and out.

Leaves, twigs, and debris are all natural environmental elements that clog gutters and are difficult to avoid. Once they are present in your gutter, they soak up water causing an immense amount of weight on the system. Gutters are not meant to withstand this weight and will eventually pull away from the house and fall down. Not only can this cause a broken gutter but potentially damage roofing, trim, windows or lighting as well.

Overflowing water from clogged gutters can also do major structural damage. Since the water is not being routed correctly, it can damage the paint and siding on your home. If the siding is damaged, there is a good possibility of water leaking in, which will result in rotting wood.

When water is not properly drained away from the home, flooding can occur around the foundation. Pools of water can collect and if they freeze, can cause cracks. Cracks in the foundation allow water to seep into your basement. Improper water drainage is the #1 cause of leaky basements and can be avoided if you take precaution.

We know that clogged gutters can cause damage to homes, but also keep in mind that it can ruin landscape as well. Flooded landscaping can result in erosion and death to plants.

If your gutters are clogged, there are steps you can take to correct the problem before damage is done. You will need a ladder, gloves, a small hand rake or garden trowel, grocery bags, and a hose. Start by positioning the ladder on the length of the gutter (you can start anywhere) and make sure it is secure. Proceed up the ladder and rake the debris within the gutter to a spot that you can remove it. Take the debris in handfuls and put it into the grocery bag. Once it is full, tie it up and drop it to the ground. Make sure when you are raking the debris that you do not allow any of it to fall into the downspout of the gutter. Once you clean the entire length of the gutter, take a hose and clear out any leftover debris. If there is an area that the hose can’t clear, you can try a plumber’s snake to unclog the gutter. Cleaning your gutters should be done at least 3 times a year and will keep your home clear of unwanted damages.

S&K’s No Worry Covered Gutter Protection System

No Worry Covered Gutter Protection SystemDon’t want to climb ladders and clean gutters a few times a year? Have S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows install our exclusive No Worry Covered Gutter Protection System. No Worry Gutters are designed to eliminate the need for manual labor, meaning less stress for you. No Worry Gutters have an aluminum hood that covers the gutter trough which forms a molecular bond with the water, directing it, but not debris, into the gutter. The technology also has a unique design that tucks under the drip edge of your existing roof, causing the speed of water flow to slow. The best part of No Worry Gutters is the lifetime warranty. Having this system will benefit your home and give you more free time. Give S&K a call today for a free No Worry Gutter estimate at 866-836-ROOF.

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