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S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows Makes Improvements to Their Top New Business Generator

— Successful website fuels expansion and enhancements —

ELDERSBURG, MD. January 30, 2008 – S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows (, known for providing quality home improvements for their clients, is making improvements of their own – to their website. The upgraded and updated site has been designed to deliver a wealth of home improvement information in an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-read design, making it a more helpful tool for homeowners.

“Our new site is more reflective of the quality of work that we do”, said Don Katzenberger, president of S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows. “These days, homeowners are not only doing their research about home improvement products, they are finding and pre-judging companies by the quality of their website. So, not only do you have to have a web presence, you’re actually starting the sales process by selling yourself through the web,” Katzenberger adds. “An online brochure just doesn’t cut it any longer.”

Messing with a Good Thing Keeps It That Way

Although the majority of the company’s business – nearly 80% – comes from repeat business and referrals, the website was successful in generating new business leads that resulted in more than $1.5M in sales in 2007. However, there have been recent changes in web users’ expectations and new developments in technology, which prompted S&K’s site overhaul. The new design, recently completed by Brave New Markets of Owings Mills, MD, includes expanded product pages and imaging, along with a cleaner arrangement of information that is easier to read and makes navigation effortless. It also incorporates a wider format to accommodate today’s upward trend in screen resolution.

Consider It Another Sales Person

Since their previous site was launched in July of 2003, also by Brave New Markets, it has remained at the top of search engines for select terms that are key to generating leads for S&K. The site redevelop effort took painstaking measures to ensure that rankings will remain high and the site productive in terms of sales leads. “Our website is close to being another member of our sales staff,” said Charlie McCurry, director of sales. “While the website can’t close a sale, it certainly can – and does – prospect and bring in up to 20 new customer inquiries every week. If each person on our sales staff was responsible for bringing in that many prospects each week, we would be that much more successful!”

Site Not Just for Searchers

The website is not only a helpful tool for homeowners, it is also a tool used frequently by S&K’s staff. For example, the company is able to provide visitors with samples of S&K’s quality work by presenting before and after pictures of clients’ homes. Additionally, product options and information on the site is used by staff to virtually walk customers through an online showroom, saving homeowners valuable time.

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