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Can Pressure Treated Wood Rot?

When trees are cut for construction lumber, any of the wood that is to be used outside in the elements must be pressure treated. Without this special anti-corrosive treatment, wood will rot and will be consumed by insects and other animals.

How is Wood Pressure Treated?

Pressure Treated Wood

To pressure treat wood, lumber is placed into a pressure tank and sealed. Air is then extracted from the wood in a vacuum process, and a chemical solution is added. This solution – made up of copper, chromium, and arsenic – penetrates deep into the wood under pressure in the tank. Each chemical performs its own duty in stopping decay. Copper is a fungicide, chromium is a bactericide, and arsenic is an insecticide. When treated properly, this process should keep wood safe from decay for many years.

Is It Possible for Wood Decking to Rot?

While the pressure treatment process generally works well, it is not effective 100% of the time. There are a few factors that could cause even fairly new pressure treated wood to rot. Let’s explore…

Defective Chemicals

There are occasions when the chemicals used in the treatment process are defective. Because each chemical performs a specific function, if one or more are defective, rot can begin to occur. Or, if the chemical cocktail was not properly mixed, the solution could also be defective. 

Gauge Malfunctions

During the treatment process, wood is put under pressure so that the chemicals penetrate the wood completely. At the treatment plant, if a pressure gauge malfunctions, it is possible that the tank does not reach maximum pressure. If this happens, the wood may not fully absorb the chemicals.

Cracks Leading to the Inner Portions of Wood

It is not uncommon for pressure treated wood to develop cracks. In the construction process, holes must be drilled to attach the wood to its foundation. In warm weather wood expands, and in cold weather it contracts. This, along with foot traffic on decks, creates constant back-and-forth pressure on screws and nails. Over time, cracks can develop, allowing moisture to seep into the wood. If the chemicals deep within the wood are not present, or are scarcely present, this moisture can begin to rot the wood.

How Can I Tell if My Deck is Rotting?

Rot in Deck WoodCracks and wood rot do not always go hand-in-hand. While you need to keep an eye on cracks, if the wood was properly treated, having cracks doesn’t always lead to rot. However, if you notice wood that is splintering, or is soft when you press on it, you might be experiencing rot. It is best to have a professional take a look and determine whether replacement is necessary.

What Do I Do if I See Rotting on My Deck?

If you do see signs of rot, it is recommended that the damaged wood be replaced as soon as possible. Chances are that it’s not your entire deck that is effected. Replacing the boards that do show signs of rot will help your deck last longer.

With proper care, your pressure treated wood deck should last between 10 and 30 years. However, this life span is only possible when conditions are not extreme, and when you clean and seal your deck regularly. Decks left unsealed will have a shorter life span.


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A Deck by Summer? Begin Before It’s Too Late!

Any homeowner, and especially the proud owner of a new home, always seems to posses the never-ending home improvement list. Although this list can be stressful, it is always rewarding to be able to check something off. If installing a deck is on your list, make this the time to cross it off. Summer is the #1 time of year that decks are used most, so you will want to start this project in the Spring.

Decks Maryland
Start your new deck project now and enjoy it all summer long.

If you are feeling hesitant, keep in mind that the construction period for a deck is typically about a week. Additionally, you will need to check with your contractor to see what their wait time is. Some contractors might be able to begin right away, however most will be one to several weeks out. With this information, beginning in early spring should mean that your new deck will be ready for summer. Building a deck is one of the best things you can do for yourself and home because of the many benefits it offers.

Fun New Living Space

What do you plan on doing this summer? Are you looking to entertain outdoors? Maybe you have always wanted to, but never could because of the inadequate outdoor living space you had in the past. With a new deck, you will be able to earn the title of “best host” by providing your guests with optimal entertainment space! Guests will feel comfortable with the space to congregate and socialize. Along with great parties, your deck can provide you and your family with a spot to enjoy relaxing dinners during the warmer months.

Valuable Visual Appeal

Your back yard’s landscape will completely change for the better once a deck is added. There are many deck designs and varieties to choose from; your deck can be simple or complex, depending on your personal style and budget. Decks are available in natural wood, composite, and PVC; each offering different options for color, texture and design. Take your deck to the next level by decorating it with planters, lights, outdoor furniture, a grill, – the options are numerous. Adding a new deck will not only add aesthetic value to your home, but will increase its resale value as well!

A Cost Effective Addition

The cost of adding living space to your home can range from very expensive to affordable. If you are looking for a cost effective solution for additional living space, in most cases, a deck will be a more affordable solution than an indoor expansion. Decks will not require many of the more costly options that additions will, such as roofing, siding, wiring, windows, or insulation. Your deck cost will be driven by its size, design and materials. The costs associated with each different type of deck vary greatly. Wood is the most affordable option, followed by composite and then PVC. Your deck contractor will be able to work with you to fit a beautiful new deck into your budget.

S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows is proud to build quality decks in Maryland. Call us today to begin the first step of your new deck project. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in decks will be exactly what you need to make this dream into a reality.

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