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Gutter Comparison


Gutter Comparison

There are many gutter products on the market today that claim to eliminate the messy clogs and dirty appearance of standard gutters. Here we look at the various gutter systems including mesh gutter covers, gutter filters, gutter covers, slotted gutter covers and our No Worry Gutters.

Mesh or Screen Gutter Covers

Mesh GuttersThese metal coverings fit inside against the back of the gutter and across the top acting like a strainer and filter. Debris, snow and ice can collect on top of the screen and cause it to collapse. Over time, there is also a chance for the screens to rust and stain the gutter face.

Gutter Filters

Gutter FiltersSponge-like foam "space fillers" that let water drain through but keep leaves from building up in the bottom of the trough. These fillers do not have the capacity to handle heavy rain and water flow, and may cause overflow during heavy rain. Snow and ice can also settle into the foam, harboring the potential for ice damming, sagging and overflow.

Solid Gutter Covers

Solid Gutter CoversMade of vinyl or aluminum, these solid gutter covers snap onto the top front of the cutter and slip under your shingles, which may alter the roof line appearance. They are nailed to your roof, which pierces shingles, roof felt and decking, possibly voiding roof warranty or causing leaks. Gutter covers may also blow off in high wind conditions. Due to lack of support, they are also vulnerable to damage from the weight of debris, snow or ice.

Slotted Gutter Covers

Slotted Gutter CoversMost of the solid gutter covers rely on the principal of "water adhesion." The water enter the gutter through slots or small holes located underneath a lip or on the vertical side. These gutters do not keep out all small twigs, dirt, asphalt shingle granules, and pine needles. They perform inadequately in very heavy rain or on steep roofs, and may not be considered visually appealing.

Gutter Brushes

Gutter BrushesMost, but not all, leaves and debris will pass over gutter brushes. Some items that get caught near the top of the butter brush either blow away or decompose over time. However, over time, dirt, small twigs and pine needles that do not pass through the gutter brush may create a layer of sludge in the bottom of the gutter which may cause staining and require periodic gutter cleaning.

No Worry Gutters

No Worry GuttersNo Worry Gutters use a unique design that tucks under the drip edge of your existing roof, and is not nailed to your shingles. The gutter hood design causes the speed of water flow to slow -- similar to a water 'speed bump'. It forms a molecular bond with the water, directing water, but not debris, into the gutter. Finally, the Water Brake system inside of the gutter forces the bonded water to break free of the hood and flow directly into the center of the trough. No Worry Gutters are not add-on covers or screens. It is a single, seamless, clog-free aluminum gutter system that catches and directs the flow of water as it diverts debris.

To see a video of our No Worry Gutter system in action, click here, or visit our showroom to see our No Worry Gutters and gutter color swatches in person. You can also contact us to have a gutter professional visit your home.

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