Preparing Your Home for a Storm

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Five Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Storm

  1. Check for loose siding and vulnerable windows and doors. If possible, check your roof for loose shingles. If your roof is not easily or safely accessible, a local contractor can perform an annual inspection for you before storm season and secure any loose shingles. Loose siding is generally visible and may start with buckling. Secure any buckled or loose siding, or ask a local contractor to do the repair. Be sure that windows and doors close securely and do not contain loose or cracked panes of glass.
  2. Clear gutters, drains and downspouts of debris to prevent water overflow. Heavy rains during a storm are likely to pose dangers no matter what state your home is. However, you can minimize the dangers by making sure that your gutters, drains and downspouts are clear of debris. Check downspout run-off areas to ensure that heavy water is diverted away from your home and will not puddle or run toward your home. Also, if your home has a basement, be sure that the sump pump is functioning properly.
  3. Check around your home for loose items and either bring them inside or secure them. Items such as toys, grills, trash cans, potted plants, patio furniture and umbrellas can become dangerous flying objects in a storm.
  4. Check nearby trees for dangerous branches. Inspect the trees closest to your home and make sure there are no dead or large/heavy branches that could break off and damage your home’s roof. If a dangerous storm hits and you have trees that pose a threat to your home, ride out the storm in a safe location such as a basement or interior room away from your roof.
  5. Prepare a disaster supply kit in case of emergency power loss or flooding. The NOAA recommends items such as enough water and food for 3-6 days, batteries, fully charged cell phones, cash, a battery operated radio, blankets, a first aid kit and more.


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