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Maintenance Tips for Helping Your Roof Beat the Summer Heat

Roof Damage

It is safe to say, there is no time of the year that we don’t have to think about home maintenance. With every new season, comes along a checklist of things to look for that may need to be fixed. During the summer, heat damage is one of the biggest threats to roofs. The sun beats down on your roof day after day, making it the most vulnerable part of your home. The roof temperature becomes very hot, making the shingles and your attic susceptible to problems brought on by extreme heat.

Shingles made of asphalt typically suffer the most because of their tendency to absorb heat. This has the potential to crack, distort, and deteriorate shingles under extreme temperatures. It is important to inspect your roof annually for any of these problems. Roofs left unfixed will result in much higher expenses down the road. When inspecting the shingles, also make an effort to check the roof’s flashing, particularly in ‘hot spots’ that are located around the chimney, vents, windows, or overhangs.

The attic of your home is also vulnerable to heat related issue due to its proximity to the roof. During the warm months, attics that are not properly ventilated will heat up quickly. Heat rises, and if there is nowhere for it to escape, it becomes very hot underneath the roof, causing damage to the shingles. There are signs you can look for that may indicate poor ventilation.

  • Cracks and blistering on shingles
  • Missing granules
  • A collection of granules in the gutters
  • Plywood (from your roof deck) that is loose or falling apart

If you see these signs, it is possible that your attic’s ventilation system is blocked. Before assuming you need more ventilation installed, check for any clogging debris, such as loose clumps of insulation material. If you find any blockage, remove it from the system to allow proper ventilation.

While performing routine checks on your roof is advisable, having it looked at by a professional is a definite plus. Roofers will be able to spot potential problems quickly and may see signs that the untrained eye can overlook.

If you have concerns about your attic temperature or the overall health of your roof and would like a professional evaluation, contact the roof experts at S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows today at 866-836-7663, or e-mail us at.

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