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Shutter Services in Potomac, MD & the Surrounding Areas 

Are you looking to improve the curb appeal of your home or business or replace worn and damaged exterior elements on your windows? Our team of window experts can install or replace a variety of window shutters and shutter tops to help make the most of your property’s beauty and style. It’s a great upgrade as a stand-alone project or combined with window replacement or installation!

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Window Shutter Installation & Replacement

Modern shutters are less critical as part of the assembly keeping the elements at bay than the shutters of the distant past, but they still offer much value as a point of beauty in a home. Modern shutters add color, lines, and texture to otherwise dull exteriors. Shutters from S&K come in a wide variety of styles and designs to suit the aesthetic needs of any home or business, and they’re maintenance-free, so there’s no need for constant upkeep. Shutter tops can further accentuate the whole!

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Types of Shutters

Raised Panel Shutters

Our Standard Williamsburg Raised Panel Master Shutter adds a bold color accent to windows and can provide the deep texture of authentic-looking raised panels for a striking result.

Custom A Panel Shutters

Custom A Panel Shutters are narrower than stander shutters and thus stand out more than their peers. If you’re looking for a slim line of color and texture, consider Custom A Panel Shutters.

Louver Shutters

Louver Shutters are a great way to add beautiful lines and texture with a style and appearance suitable for virtually any window style. Louver Shutters are available as both standard and narrow-width models.

Custom Louver Shutters

Custom Louver Shutters go narrower to add a sleek color accent for your home or business. If you want something subtle and stylish to add a bit of added color, consider Custom Louver Shutters.

Board-N-Batten Shutters

Standard Board-N-Batten Shutters give a handsome, solid look in line with rich old-world aesthetics suitable for various architectural styles and exterior materials. Board-N-Batten offers a traditional, colorful accent that combines well with materials like stone veneer and stucco but also suits modern materials such as fiber cement, vinyl, and brick.

Custom-Sized Board-N-Batten Shutters

Custom-sized Board-N-Batten shutters allow you to give your home traditional styling with no limits. Five styles of Joined Shutters and four styles of Spaced Shutters are available to meet your needs, with cross battens to deliver extra depth and texture to the exterior of your home. Available matched to two, three, four, or five board shutter widths. Specific lengths are available in quarter-inch increments.

Shutter Tops

If you are looking for a way to add even more style and character to the front of your home, consider adding shutter tops to your new or existing shutters. Shutter tops are available for both raised panel shutters and louver shutters.

Louver Shutter Top
Louver Shutter Top

Raised Panel Shutter Top
Raised Panel Shutter Top







Window Shutter Repair in the Baltimore-Washington Metro Area

Are your window shutters in a state of disrepair? Our team can help! In addition to our comprehensive selection of shutter installation options, we can help your shutters look their best without giving up on the styles and aesthetics you love.

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Shutters

If your window shutters show disrepair, it may be time for a replacement. Contact our team if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Visible wear and tear, looseness, or crookedness
  • Your shutters flap in the breeze or won’t stay still
  • You’ve recently installed new windows and don’t like the contrast or match
  • You don’t like how they look anymore

For a free estimate on replacing your window shutters, contact S&K Roofing online or call (866) 836-7663 today!

Why Choose S&K Roofing?

You want to work with a trustworthy contractor when you need window services. Our window company goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional service, products, and quality for every project, big or small, commercial or residential. We want your experience to be worry-free — that’s guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need window shutters?

While they’re not as crucial to the function of your home as they were in years past, shutters are still an essential part of the aesthetic of many windows. Removing old shutters instead of replacing them can leave a window looking bare and stripped down, reducing curb appeal.

Can exterior shutters save money?

Some exterior shutters can contribute to securing your home against the elements, reducing your heating and cooling bills. They can also protect your windows against accidents and intense weather, reducing the risk of breakage and saving money.