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Rockville, MD

Exterior Remodeling Services in Rockville, MD

Your home’s exterior can serve as a statement about your home. If you have a lackluster exterior, let the team at S&K Roofing refresh your windows, siding, doors, and more.

If you need expert exterior remodeling services in Rockville, MD, S&K Roofing is the answer. Call us at (866) 838-7663 to request a free estimate today.

remodeled home with new siding, windows, and doors

Quality Roofing Services

Our roofing services extend to both residential and commercial roofing services. Within our roofing services, we offer roofing maintenance, installation, repair, and replacement. Along with various services, we offer a diverse selection of roofing styles. This includes the following:

Reliable Siding Services

Low-quality siding can lead to increased energy usage, annoying outside noises coming into the home, and potential weather damage inside the home. Instead of allowing your home to be damaged, explore our siding options.

Our siding styles include the following:

To schedule a free, in-home estimate for siding services, call S&K Roofing at (866) 838-7663.

Dependable Windows Services

Your windows serve a huge role in your home. Windows keep outside elements out of the house and help regulate indoor temperature. On top of window replacement, we offer vinyl window installation in the following styles:

For window improvement in Rockville, MD, call (866) 838-7663 to request a free estimate from S&K Roofing.

Door Services in Rockville, MD

S&K Roofing provides door installation and door replacement services for the following doors:

Schedule door services in Rockville, MD, by calling (866) 838-7663 and requesting an estimate from S&K Roofing.

Skylight Services

Skylights allow your home to gain additional sunlight, better regulate temperature, boost your property value, and increase your home’s indoor decor.

Our Velux skylight services include the following:

  • Skylight installation
  • Skylight repair
  • Skylight replacement

Explore skylight options in Rockville, MD, by calling (866) 838-7663 to schedule a free estimate with S&K Roofing.

Top-Notch Insulation Services

When your insulation declines in quality, it leads to infrequent temperature changes, mold growth, and potential rodent infestation. The S&K Roofing team offers blown-in attic insulation services for Rockville, MD homes.

Call S&K Roofing at (866) 838-7663 to request a free estimate on insulation services in Rockville, MD.

No Worry Gutters

Gutters Services You Can Depend On

High-quality gutters offer a form of protection against excess rainfall. Luckily, the S&K Roofing team can help. Our gutter services include the following:

If you’re concerned about your home’s gutters, call (866) 838-7663 to schedule a free, in-home estimate with S&K Roofing.

Home Improvement Repair Services

Additionally, our team offers general home improvement repair services. These repair services are applied to the following areas:

  • Decks
  • Gutters
  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Roofing

Call (866) 838-7663 to explore home improvement repair services in Rockville, MD, with S&K Roofing.

Why Choose S&K Roofing?

S&K has been a staple in the Rockville community for over four decades. When you work with S&K, you can guarantee that our team will never pressure you, makes sure any suggestions will benefit your home, and comes from a team with decades of home experience.

For high-quality exterior remodeling services in Rockville, MD, call (866) 838-7663 to schedule a free estimate with S&K Roofing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gutters can be labeled as a “replace-as-needed” item. When you notice that your home is struggling to run water off, it’s time to explore gutter replacement options.
The most noticeable change will be your home's lack of outside noise. Newer windows are more reliable at keeping the outside noise out but also help regulate indoor temperature.