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Sykesville, MD

Exterior Remodeling Services in Sykesville, MD

Being an industry leader in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia is something we take seriously. Our team prides itself on providing outstanding service that will keep your home safe, raise your property value, and make your home look better.

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remodeled home with new siding, windows, and doors

Expert Roofing Services

We offer various roofing services, including repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance jobs. The style options for repair and installation jobs include the following:

Quality Siding Options

If your siding deteriorates, it can result in outside noise entering the room, weather elements like rain and snow entering your home, and more. To help with this, our team installs the following siding types:

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Window Services Offered By S&K Roofing

While protecting you from outside elements, window replacement is an easy way to increase your home's curb appeal and property value. Our vinyl windows can be installed in the following styles:

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Door Services

We offer installation & replacement of exterior doors, including:

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Skylight Services

Any Sykesville home would benefit from the addition of a Velux skylight. Our overarching skylight services include repair, installation, and replacement services.

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Safe Insulation Services

Low-quality insulation could lead to dangerous breathing air, unstable home temperature, and invite bugs to nest in it. With S&K Roofing, we have blown-in attic insulation services to keep your home safe and the temperature stable.

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Our Gutter Options in Sykesville, MD

Bad gutters can cause your property to flood and become damaged. Our gutter solutions include the following:

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Home Improvement Repair & Exterior Remodeling

You can trust S&K Roofing to handle your home improvement needs. Whether your siding has faded, has undergone weather damage, or you want to change your home’s look, our home improvement services are the right choice.

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Choose S&K Roofing for Your Roofing Needs

For over 40 years, the S&K Roofing team has served the Maryland community. We are a family-owned and -operated company that has built our entire process off respecting your time and home. When you use us, you’ll be worry-free, guaranteed.

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The main difference is the number of sashes that move in the window. Single-hung windows have a single fixed sash and a single moveable one, while a double-hung window has two moveable sashes.
If you’ve noticed outside noise or weather elements like rain or snow entering your home, you must replace your windows. Your windows are meant to keep those things out, so if they fail, it’s time to replace them.
While it provides extra light into the home, it offers additional benefits. Having a skylight in your home can add another source of ventilation.