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In Wake of Storm, Maryland Roofing Contractor Advises Homeowners Not to Panic; Look for Warning Signs

ELDERSBURG, MD. February 12, 2009 – S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows (, Maryland’s leading roofing and home exterior company, advises homeowners concerned with roof collapse not to panic, but to look for warning signs.

This week’s historic snowfall has the company fielding a steady stream of phone calls from homeowners worried about the structural integrity of their roofs.

“With the news of so many roof collapses under the weight of 2 feet or more of snow, we’ve been on the phone non-stop helping homeowners deal with their own situations,” stated Don Katzenberger, founder and president of S&K. “The biggest issues are ice damming, as well as excessive weight of the snow on weak structures.”

Warning Signs

Katzenberger and his staff are advising homeowners that most roofs should be able to handle the snow, but to look for signs of trouble, such as leaking inside the home, signs of cracked or sagging ceilings, drywall nail pops and doors that may be hard to open indicating excessive weight from the snow. Flat roofs are the most vulnerable, as well as roofs with low-grade pitches.

For more warning signs of roof collapse, S&K encourages people to visit their website at If you experience leaks, or have serious concerns, advises Katzenberger, call a professional.

“Getting up on your roof is dangerous on a good day,” said Katzenberger. “Trying it with this type of snow could mean serious trouble. Adding your weight to the weight of the snow can be deadly. Your best bet is to call a professional that has the equipment and experience to handle the issue.”

Although snow removal is not normally among their regular set of services, S&K is dispatching crews to help as best they can, giving the elderly, disabled and those with collapsed structures first priority. Snow thawing and refreezing promises to have the company responding to snow-related calls for the next several days. Concerned property owners are urged to call S&K at (866) 836-7663.

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